Day One DN Gold Cup Lima OH

Reporting in absentia. Competitors are mulling about on the ice waiting for the start of the skippers meeting. raceGeneral procedures and of course safety will be discussed. Long Island sailors assisted in a the extraction of sailor and boat yesterday but the hazards are marked and should be no additional incidents.

The starting ceremony directly after the meeting and racing at 11.

Three races today bronze qualifier, silver qualifier and first gold race.

There will be some intense action in the first race for those looking to break into the silver qualifier. The first 12 racers advance to silver.

Same goes for the silver qualifier with the first 12 advancing to gold.

Looking at the competitors, some local, I would not be surprised to see a couple qualifying for gold out of the first bronze race.

Gold race entrants

Silver race entrants

Bronze race entrants

Good luck to all the competitors. International, regional and of our own local favorites. Sail fast and bring home silver wherever home might be.

Check out provisional (unofficial) results here

Think ice



P. S. Personally checked on Bantam (CT) and it is a definite no go till the snow cooks down.

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