Kingston YC Aftermath!

The gang in Kingston, Ontario had a day of good sailing last weekend but then the call came that the water level in the lake was rising (the wind pushes the water around in the big lakes- a westerly wind makes the tide come in, so to speak) and big breeze was on the way.

Looks like a few people didn’t get the memo to get the boats off the ice and when the storm hit some boats got moved…. Glad the wind wasn’t blowing offshore!

Two lessons here:
1) When the locals say to move your boat be sure to listen!
2) No matter what the weather ALWAYS secure your boat with an ice-screw.

Same thing happened to me once- at the DN Worlds in 2003. I was a newbie, didn’t own a screw yet. A big squall rolled through overnight and when I showed up at the ice (late of course) Jack Ericson greeted me by saying “You have to get a screw- we pulled your boat out of the trees this morning!” Lesson learned!

Glad to report no big damage or injury- Hope to be back at it this weekend!

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