IDNIYRA Easterns and Beyond


The 2019 IDNIYRA Easterns is scheduled for this weekend February 2-3. We are currently looking for venues from NJ to Maine, as always we have a full weather system moving through the entire region Tuesday and Wednesday so please let me know Wednesday pm if your area may have made it out in reasonable shape. I can be mobile for ice checking with a few other dedicated scouts Thursday morning for a possible call as late as Friday February 1st at 2pm.

Also the IDNIYRA Gold Cup and NAC is slated for February 17-23 hosted by the Central Region. We have a good base of Mountain Lakes and Eastern Race Committee and they are looking to take the pulse on any volunteers that would be willing to travel anywhere the event goes all the way to if it comes local in the East or Mountain Lakes (east of ohio/pa). If you haven’t been to one of these events and arn’t planning on racing this could be a very cool experience as about 100 competitors from all over North America and Europe are already entered.

Think Ice!
Best, Chad Atkins
US 4487
IDNIYRA Eastern Rear Commodore

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