Weekend Sailing

In spite of the weather it sounds like there are options for sailing this weekend:

1) Sounds like a group of sailors will be scratch racing DNs out of Kingston Yacht Club in Kingston, Ontario Saturday and maybe Sunday
2) Scratch racing tomorrow on Waneta (a bit west of Ithaca, NY) First race at 11 am. The Waneta Inn has always been hospitable to us and reached out to me last fall to let me know we are welcome to use their ramp. Please be respectful of others and ice fishermen and don’t block the ramp.Surface by the Waneta Inn is rough from its initial freeze. Racing will be further North of the Inn. The surface improves considerably going North. Picture attached.Remember, the ice has not been checked 100% at this time. Also, don’t rely on ice fishermen or other ice boaters to determine its safety. That is up to you, and you alone.
3) Heard rumors that Bantam Lake in CT might be sailable….

As ever, proceed with caution- your safety is your responsibility and yours alone! Don’t sail alone and take all precautions.

Send reports via NEIYA Ice report email system!

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  1. Kit Tucker

    Lake Monomonoc in Rindge, NH is starting to come around. Good foundation with slush/ice on top. 24 degrees right now. Going down to the teens. Could be a sleeper

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    01/25/2019 at 7:27 pm