Work Bench

Had to share this. It’s Chris Miller’s work bench, and as you can see, it’s a horror show.

Note the total lack or organization or thought given to work flow or efficiency. Nothing is clamped down, the boom being worked on is laying on top of a pile of junk for maximum wiggle and unsteadiness. Great way to damage and / or lose the parts under it as well.

The rule book is out and open; most likely a lame attempt to give the impression that Miller can actually read.

Also take note of the can of Xylene (Xylene?!? Really?!?) placed exactly in between the blowtorch on the bench and the red hot space heater on the floor. What could possibly go wrong? We can safely assume the pile of rags on the floor is soaked with this stuff. Put a fan in the window for cryin’ out loud!

There are at least three projects stacked on top of each other here, virtually guaranteeing that not one of them goes well. Some type of boom project, a shroud project, sharpening stones, Velcro (or is that shim tape?) and god knows what else is going on here.

Shockingly, there are no beer cans, whisky bottles or contraband visible. Not even a ratty coffee mug. I have no idea what to make of this.

The second photo shows the end result of this nightmare: a slick adjustment system for the boom blocks. Well done, Mr Miller. Now clean up that bench and, as Jack Ericson says, “Put all your stuff at Parade Rest!”

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