Coming UP – 2018 IDNIYRA Eastern’s Notice for Next Saturday December 15th


Now that a good sized group of us have had time to get out the last few weeks and stretch those neck muscles it is time to try and get the 2018 IDNIYRA Eastern’s off.  This is an early warning to be ready to go as the call will be made Friday 12/14 by 4pm. Things are locking up all over Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, as always there is some unsettled weather headed this way so we will have to prep equipment and be ready for the call if we can find a suitable venue. If you have Ice please let me know! Contact Chad directly or post to NEIYA ice reports email.
This will be the last attempt for the 2018 Eastern’s with the following weeks holiday schedule. Please make sure you are a member of IDNIYRA, have a proper registered sail # and bring a copy of your $300,000 liability insurance coverage, more info at If you have any questions regarding any of this feel free to send me a note.
If you are not on the NEIYA ice reports email list please email John Stanton for invite.
Think Ice!
Best, Chad Atkins
US 4487
IDNIYRA Eastern Rear Commodore

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