New England Season Openers…

Newbury Harbor Lake Sunapee

The season is upon us. There is a report of ice that might be sailable on Pushaw Lake in Maine. Details on the Chickawaukie Club site

The above drive by siting was sent to me this evening and looks very encouraging. The picture is from the southern end of lake Sunapee from Newbury Harbor.

More news here and on the ice hotline as it becomes available. Maybe some sailing this weekend!

It’s been said many times before but still applies be careful especially during the start of the season. Don’t venture out alone.

Remember the Tune Up Clinic is next Saturday the 15th.  I am looking into making another group stone purchase. They will be from Boride and a variety of grits. I do not have a final price yet but looking to gauge interest. Email me below if interested

Think Ice,


P.S. anything from Vermont?


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    Hi Guys, we just got a freeze over up here in P.E.I. The boys are patiently waiting. We just aquired two beautiful NITE boats to our fleet . We now have about 5 DN’s and 3 NITES…..Bring on the ICE….All the best PETER MCLAINE and DOUG GAUDET…

    12/06/2018 at 7:11 am