Hey Folks- If you are near a TV and in MD or PA be sure to tune in tonight- Maybe you’ll see some iceboaters hit the fame and fortune jackpot! Read on….

Ice Report #2

2018 – 2019 Ice Sailing Season

Ice Yachtsmen!

Grab your favorite honey and snuggle up on the couch tomorrow night at 7:30 pm for this season’s start of Ice Fever… no telling how deep they will dig for content these days… but hey, we could be the next big thing! Don’t miss it!

November 13th at 7:30pm on MPT (Maryland Public TV).

Also some of us will be going to the Worlds February 16-23… Location? Somewhere in North America… I am hoping for Michigan or Kingston Ontario…

After you get all excited after tomorrow use up some of that energy to pull out your DN and get it ready to go!

See you on TV and then on the ice!

Think Ice!


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Sail On the Ice… It’s Twice As Nice!

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