Season Update – IDNIYRA Eastern Rear Commodore

Hey All,

With another September behind us it is time to start tuning up our hardwater gear so that we’re ready for the colder temperatures and frozen ponds and lakes! September also brings meetings and conference calls for governing members as we help to run and maintain our ice sailing organizations.

As far as IDNIYRA is concerned we have the Eastern’s slated for February 2-3, 2019 and hopefully this will serve as a tune up for the Gold Cup and NAC to be run February 16-23. For those of you on the fence about getting into racing or stepping into a larger arena, I can tell you it is friendly, welcoming and a great all round experience with lots to learn and plenty of good times! If you have any questions on getting involved in DN racing, joining the class, or obtaining a sail number don’t hesitate to reach out.

For the veterans of the class that have been attending championships – you know why we all look forward to the season ahead!! You also know that it takes a lot of work in many forms to make it all happen and get these events in. I will be stepping down as Eastern Rear Commodore at season’s end come April 2019. I have contacted and tried to find a replacement over the past 8 months since running the 2018 DN NA’s but no one has been willing to step up and take their turn. I feel that it is important to be in the role for a year before it is our turn to run the Continental championship in 2021 which honestly should be led by the Canadian or Mountain Lakes Region. If you have been racing and participating in any of these events this would be a great way to get involved and give back to this great sport!

Chad Atkins
DN US 4487
IDNIYRA Eastern Rear Commodore

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