Support Boatbuilding Anyone?

Hey Gang-

We all love boats and most of us love building and working on them. There is an organization down in NYC called Rocking The Boat that helps kids experience the agony and ecstasy that building, maintaining, and even sailing a boat can bring. Heck, maybe one of these kids will come up with the next revolutionary iceboat!

My friend Kit Van Wagner is rowing around Manhattan this weekend to help keep Rocking The Boat afloat. She is aiming to raise $2,000 or more by this Friday and is getting close! If you want to help her and the kids out take a look at the website and click the second link to make a donation. It’s easy (even I could do it) and every little bit helps (even this frugal Yankee donated a few bucks). And I think it’s tax deduct-able too!

Great way to give a little back and earn some good karma points….

Many thanks, T Thieler DN US 5224

Abut the organization:

Donate to Kit’s row to help:

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