Hal Bowman In The News

If you do the big DN Regattas you’ve seen or met Hal Bowman ripping it up in his yellow DN (US 1277). He and his wife Mercedes (scorekeeper extraordinaire) hit all the big events. Indeed, Hal is one of the best iceboaters to come out of North Carolina in years!

When he isn’t blasting around the course he is involved in all kinds of other interesting stuff, mostly at least a few hundred feet off the ground. One is doing flyovers at various events around NC in his vintage Russian YAK airplane. Check out the article below.

If you ever get to meet this guy be sure to corner him and get him started telling flying stories…. you won’t be disappointed!

We were lucky to see Hal and Merc recently when they buzzed through New England. See photo of Hal and Merc at Mystic Seaport with NEIYA stalwarts Katie Bradford, Eben Whitcomb, and T Thieler. Also see photo illustrating the luxury accommodations that Hal’s boat enjoys in the off-season….

The veterans behind the flyovers at local football games

The veterans behind the flyovers at local football games

You see the planes at local sporting events, but do you know who flies them?

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