Volvo Ocean Finish Today

Folks, this could be a sight to see-

Two of the three boats (MAPFRE and BRUNEL) that could take the grand prize have about 45 miles to go and they are right on top of each other on the western side of the course.

The other contender (DONGFENG) took a radical route to the east along the German and Dutch coast and are about 15 miles behind but are in way more breeze and at a better angle and is comin’ in hot!!

As if that weren’t enough even the two boats at the back of the pack have a battle going to stay out of last place for the leg and overall. Awesome.

We could be looking at a five-boat pile up at the finish line in a few hours…. Winner takes the whole shebang!

Tune in here to follow the action and chew your fingernails off….

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