Volvo Ocean Race- In-Port Race This Morning

Hello All- If you have a free hour this morning (or to watch a replay later) be sure to tune into the Volvo Ocean Race In-Port Race in Cardiff, England.

Looks like they have breeze and the In-Port races aren’t just a dog and pony show- in the event that there is a tie between two boats for the ocean legs the In-Port results will be used to break it.

And wouldn’t you know it may just come down to that- the top three boats are all practically tied with DONFENG holding 60, MAPFRE with 59, and Brunel with 57. So all the ingredients are there for a close, well fought race! Where is Howard Cosell when you need him most?!?

There is an NEIYA connection to the race as the skipper of VESTAS is from RI and was once housemates with our own Oliver Moore.

The race starts at 1300 UTC this morning (Friday the 9th) which (I think) is 0900 here on the east coast.

Usually there is a link to the action on the website here:
Replays are usually up in YouTube within a few hours if you are employed or something and can’t watch live.

Enjoy the action and THINK ICE!!

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  1. Also Atlantic Cup Boats are in Portland ME and will be racing around the bouys on Saturday and Sunday. The course will be visible from shore, and weather is supposed to be just perfect.

    06/08/2018 at 7:49 am