2017-18 Deep Creek Ice Sailing Season POSTPONED UNTIL FALL!

From the Maryland fleet, sounds like spring has reared it’s ugly head….

Fellow Ice Enthusiasts

Are your ice cleats off? That is your first clue ….. Ok then, Summer is on its way. We need to move the Ice Trailers up the hill to storage. Please come by and get your boat and gear out of the trailers next Saturday so we can put them away…. for the off season.

The plan is to work on the storage racks this summer while we are waiting for the Lake to get back to normal sailable (ice) condition. We had many great days on the ice until we got cut short by the midwinter thaw taking out the ice. If you missed out too bad… we all had a great time!!!!!

So we will have to sail on the melted ice until the good weather (ICE COLD) returns.

See you on the Lake soon!

Think Ice!


US 5576

Sail On the Ice… It’s Twice As Nice!

Ray Gauthier * 4 Annapolis Street, Suite 4 * Annapolis, MD 21401 * 410-320-4823

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