The New England’s This Weekend, Maybe…

Race Committee Chair Steve Madden is feverishly looking for a location to hold the New England’s this weekend.

There will be DNs of course and Steve wanted to remind everyone that any class bringing three boats to the line will get their own start. I know there are 10+ Whizzes out there. You all together once before and it’s time to do it again.

We all know the challenging weather that has been blowing through every week or so and this week is no exception. There is snow everywhere to the north but the areas near Worcester MA look promising. Scouts will be out tomorrow checking conditions on Webster and Quaboag.

Venue announcement to be made tomorrow (Friday) evening. Whether racing or cruising come out for the fun. See you there.

Think clear and smooth ice,


P.S Sorry for late notice but conditions have been challenging.



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