Next Generation of Iceboaters Take to the Ice

The Weekend was a little iffy with some of our best ice covered in fresh Sticky White S$%#. There may have been other sailable spots but I do know that a group sailed (sort of) on Quaboag this weekend as well as more favorable conditions on a Batterson Park Pond In CT. Batterson is a small venue but had nice clear ice. Those going to Quaboag wish they had headed further west on to I-84 in CT. But as they say, if you take a chance when conditions are in question you will never get to sail. If you sailed this weekend let us know in the comment section below.

I was originally going to provide a recap on the MIT boats that came out this weekend but Bill beat me to it. Below is a repost from

With all the rain we should have some nice resurfacing across all the thick ice we have built up. As always be careful venturing out onto what was previously sailed on. I am sure there are runner swallowing drain holes out there. On deck it she New England Championships and some great sailing in general. We need to get through the next weather bullet before we can call anything. Stay tuned

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MIT Scores

Deane Williams sent in a report late last week about this little pond just off I-84 in CT. The MIT gang was itching for weekend ice and took a chance on this unknown plate. In spite of everything else in New England having some degree of surface issue this spot seems perfect. Thanks Deane!

“Five students and two researchers from MIT went to Batterson Park Pond. The pond did not suffer the negative effects of snowfall that many of the surrounding lakes suffered. The four boats from the MIT build-class were used. Two of the students had never sailed an iceboat before and were instant fans of the sport.

Three other boats were present. A wing-foiled boat (Joachim, Surf and Turf, you can see in the background of this photo) and two other DN’s.

There were many ice fisherman that had bored holes in the ice with small mounds of ice spoil alongside their holes.

It was clear that this pond has not been sailed before as many of the locals descended onto the landing to find out ³what you call those things². It was clear by the smiles that the iceboats were welcome additions to the pond¹s scenery. All enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine, wind, and clear ice.”

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  1. I am glad that I finally coaxed some skippers out to this nice little lake. I have been checking on it for years and made sure the owner (state DEEP) was OK with us being there… they are. So I drilled it a few weeks ago and walked it, talking to the ice fishermen. Excellent thickness of 8+” like most lakes this year. Bob Haag overheard a local police officer questioning our appearance here. Soon a DEEP guy showed up and told him that “This is a perfectly legal and appropriate activity for this lake.” The neighbors loved it!
    It has easy access with a shallow ramp, plenty of parking and is just off I-84, Saturday the surface was clear of snow and about an 8 or 9. I will report on it occasionally when the bigger lakes are snowed in. Another alternate site. The more we have the better!

    02/05/2018 at 3:48 pm