That’s All Well And Good…

Raw live footage (well yesterday) from T’s WPBN/WGTU interview by Jeff Kent shooting the camera crew with supporting cackles from Chad.

Back here in New England I am waiting to get final end of day reports but positive reports abound. This should be considered a transitional time from the last system that went through so treat any surface with caution. Check the ice reports email and reach out to members that have supplied info for details. Please don’t venture out alone

I will be giving Bantam in CT a shot tomorrow. The same is true for Winni in Wolfeboro and up in Maine (check out where people have been sailing the last couple days. There is also word that some cones may be set up there. Let’s hope we get two days this weekend.

More details to follow. Think Ice and be cautious on new surfaces.


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  1. Richard Williams

    Found good ice on Forge Pond in Westford Ma.. can get right to the ice by driving on to the town beach. Good wind today as well as tomorrow,,, Saturday.

    01/26/2018 at 6:07 pm