DN NA Opening Ceremonies Done

Hey Gang- registration and opening ceremonies for the DN NA champs are done, which means racing starts today!

Eric Anderson was emcee, flags were held by john Curtis from Canada, Bernd Zeiger from Germany, Dideric Van Ramsdic from Netherlands, Leszeck from Poland, Stefan from Sweden, Arnaud Hullier from Switzerland (note flag is upside down) and Griffin Sherry from Detroit. That’s part of US right?

So that is seven countries represented, someone said there were 90 entrants so no a bad turnout!

Ceremony was lighthearted as always and I have to say Ron Sherry gave a very sincere, from the heart eulogy for Meade Gougeon that everyone smiling and laughing as a good eulogy should! Well done Ron.

Stay tuned, racing starts today….


James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840


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