Eastern Championship Postponed… But Wait There’s More…

The 2018 DN Eastern Regional Championship scheduled for January 13-14 is postponed until further notice due to a warming trend and mixed bag of Precipitation headed for the entire Mid Atlantic and North East coast. Take this time to fine tune your gear for the upcoming North Americans with registration slated for Sunday evening January 21st.


Chad Atkins
IDNIYRA Eastern Rear Commodore


And since there is not a whole lot of new news below are some pictures from last week.

Bill converses passed some shots on from this past weekends Doc Fellows that I had to share. As usual Bill has submitted some quality work with high enough resolution to have prints made. As usual if you pass them on in any way please give Bill Converse credit and if you print up a hard copy for yourself please drop him a not of thanks.

If you have not checked in on our Facebook page please do as Ed Edwards has even more pictures from Ashumet Pond https://www.facebook.com/NEIYA.org/

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