Damage Report – The Cape Is In Business (sort of)


Reports have been coming in. For most of us the great building ice has lots of drifting white stuff on top. The Cape however has been pretty much spared. For those that are not from around here “The Cape” is Cape Cod located in the Bay State of Massachusetts.

There has been a lot of scouting on the Cape today and people are going to be sailing Ashumet Pond in Mashpee, MA tomorrow. The site has not been completely scouted but it has been reported by a very reliable source to have 6″ near the ramp and no open water in usual places. Launch state ramp on west side. Surface is 1/4″ high snow ice grade 7.

Other areas have been scouted today and we are awaiting reports. The intent is to find a location and hold the Don Doc Fellows Regatta on Sunday. Where exactly is TBD. Ice will be hard to hit the stones tonight.

If you know of anything please report in via our regular ice report email channel or drop me an email.

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