It’s All About the Tilt Ø


Happy Winter Solstice! The official first day of Winter. Our season. Celebrated from the very dawn of civilization not for the vast sheets of ice we call our playground but rather the return of the sun and its path to warmer weather. But we (iceboaters) mark it as the beginning not the end.

If not for the 23.5° tilt in the earth’s axis ice would not come to us each Winter. Most of us would be traveling even further than we already are. The axial tilt brings us the seasons. Summer, Winter, and in between. It brings our ice and our winter passion.

Speaking of tilt, could additional speed be attained by setting one’s mast rake to 23.5° in alignment with the earth’s axis? For those not in the elite part of the Gold Fleet, it’s worth a try.


THINK ICE and Happy Winter!


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