Ice Reporting and The New Season


This weekend we got many people onto the ice stretching from Montreal to Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The ice is young and unforgiving requiring added caution at every step. Most of those that ventured out were on perpetual scouting mission. Scouting is just like it sounds, scouting the conditions and not an open sail. In simpler terms you didn’t miss much. There is miles of ice coming to a lake near (or near enough) really soon.

Many of you received an email this evening from “Gaggle Mail <>” with the subject line “Welcome to the NEIYA Ice Report mailing list”. This is the welcome email to our new ice reporting email forwarding system. Unfortunately even after personal assurances, our old system permanently shut their doors recently. All the instructions you need should be in the welcome email. I am excited and believe that Gaggle will be even to work with than the underfunded previous outfit. We have traditionally only allowed paid members and special guests. If you did not receive a welcome email and are an NEIYA member please reach out to me. If you have a keen interest in the sport of ice boating please drop me a line for consideration as well.

We have some change in the weather coming mid week so please be cautious and patient. I do know we will all get to sail this winter where and when I have no idea but sail we will. And it will be fast and fun.

Till the good stuff comes in, use caution and remember there is always thin ice someplace and never sail (or scout) alone.



John Stanton

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  1. phil Hax

    Anyone know if Memphramagog is sailable?

    01/05/2018 at 8:33 am