Tune-up – Learning, Fun and Food

The NEIYA Tune-Up Clinic was a big success this year in spite of snow and lousy driving conditions. Which makes sense; of course a bunch of iceboaters would be un-deterred by the weather!

The seminars kicked off with a talk on sail design and trim by T Thieler and Jeff Kent. If Jeff is talking about sail trim (or anything iceboat-related) you’d better be listening! Lots of info flew around the room, notes were taken, eyes were opened, and certain people not in attendance were mocked and lauded in equal measure.

Next up was Eben Whitcomb giving us all a refresher course on the Right of Way Rules, something any sailor has to know! His safety record is impeccable so he is the perfect person to give this talk- Plus he is a wicked nice guy and a great speaker!

Bob Haag broke out the clamps and the dial gauge and delved into one of many ways to line up chocks and runners, again something every sailor needs to know no matter what kind of craft you have. Of course Steve Duhamel couldn’t resist chiming in….

Last was T and Jeff again talking about planks and how they effect the overall performance of the boat. Iceboaters can figure our how to make something as simple as a plank and make it complicated and fascinating!

Everyone was very well fed at this event yet again thanks to Linda Lamb and friendly volunteers. There was a hunter’s feast featuring venison and elk stew, venison and elk chili, hot dogs, chips, cookies, sweets, and of course coffee…. Fantastic. Safe to say everyone went home with a full head and a full belly!

Thanks to them and to Rick Bishop, John Stanton and Bob Haag for organizing the clinic and of course to Steve Lamb for providing the venue! Great time had by all- Look forward to seeing everyone on the ice soon!

Think Ice,


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  1. Charlie

    Had a great time and added immensely to my knowledge. Hope to see you on the ice soon.

    12/11/2017 at 9:29 pm