Today’s The Day – Weather Be Damned It’s Tune-up Time

Don’t forget

Date: Saturday December 9th
Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: Arthur C. Lamb Company Refreshments: Served continuously throughout the day

We are just a week away from one of our bigger off ice events. Really wish they could all be on ice but Stave Lamb’s huge workshop is second best and has the space to set up any number of boats. Thanks to the Lamb Family our annual clinic is back at the Lamb Crane and Rigging Shop  a.k.a. “the Whizz Dome”   starting at 10am  December 9th

We have a full day of activities. Well worth the drive. And you might even learn something…

Clinics start right off at 10:30 AM

10:30 – Bob Haag – wielding his trusty dial indicator,  learn his proven method for chock alignment.  Misaligned chocks are slow!

11:15 – Chad Atkins– Sail Trim – Chad will demonstrate what he has learned developing sails for  North and the DN Class. We will have a fully rigged boat and a sail hung horizontally so you can really see shape.

12 Noon – Lunch Rumors of Venison stew,  the Lamb’s famous chili and hot dogs

12:30 – James “T” Thieler– What better guy to discuss “plank stiffness” then our own  “T” ?   He will discuss and demonstrate what your plank should look like and the benefits.

1:15 –  TBD Runner profile benefits.  Steve will tackle questions we have all had. 18” of flat?  More?  Less?   Why?

2:00 – Eben Whitcomb – Safety and Race Rules-  really something we can’t talkabout enough, and a good refresher for everyone.

All Ice boaters are Welcome to this Clinic  Racers, Cruisers, Voyeurs and Vagabond.


In addition we welcome any newcomers trying to get into ice boating and onto the ice this season. Have a boat sitting in your garage, barn or cellar? Bring it down we have experts standing by to go over your craft and develop a plan to get you sailing this season. Don’t know how to rig your boat? We will show you. Not sure if all the pieces are there? We will go over it with you. We are here to help usher you safely onto the ice. No reservation needed but would appreciate you dropping me a note so we can be sure to reserve room.

Don’t wait till the Tune up on December 9th to start getting ready. Pull that boat out of it’s summer hidey-hole and put it together this weekend. Any questions bring it to the Tune-up next week.



P.S. The only excuse we will accept for not coming is your sailing or fixing something you broke while sailing between now and than.

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