Envy And Wait…

Now’s the time of year when frost is a regular and welcome part of our mornings. I am no longer surprised but eagerly await the real cold to set in.  Set in as it has done to the North and West (mostly North) of most of us. Thanks for the tease from Minnesota and Quebec! We eagerly await first sail reports from ME and VT. An inspiration to all.

An inspiration from the ice Muse. An inspiration to move the canoe, pile of brake rotors and assorted car parts and set up my DN work area once again. Runners need to be stoned and somewhere are the notes from last years alignment exercise. I was told by a wise and talented DNer that I should have this all written in a notebook. Again something for the ice Muse to inspire for the future.

There is an answer. in just a short three weeks we will gather for our annual Lamb off ice Tune Up in Canton MA. We will be holding formalized sessions on the following topics:

  • Chock alignment.  Misaligned chocks are slow! 
  • Sail Trim – including sail shape and development
  • Food throughout the day and if sights are true and a little luck venison stew
  • Plank stiffness and its contribution to overall performance
  • Runner profile with attention to blade entrance, flat and exit
  • Safety and Race Rules discussions

In addition we welcome any newcomers trying to get onto the ice this season. Do you have a boat sitting in your garage, barn or cellar? Bring it down we have experts waiting to go over your craft and develop a plan to get you out on the ice this season. Don’t know how to rig your boat? We will show you. Not sure if all the pieces are there? We will go over it with you. We are here to help usher you safely onto the ice. No reservation needed but would appreciate you dropping me a note so we can be sure to reserve room.

Before the sun goes down early tonight turn your Envy into Action and lay your gear out and make a must do list. Don’t wait till the Tune up on December 9th to start getting ready. Find your ice Muse and if she does not come we will assign one to you on the Ninth. The Tune Up is a far far cheaper and burden free Muse than anyone is likely to find on their own. Trust me I know…



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