NEIYA Meeting Recap And Photos

Hello All!

The NEIYA Annual Meeting and Swap Meet was a great time as usual! Great to see everyone and of course all the gear on display. Everything from the slick to the agricultural to the bizarre and whatever else can blow across a frozen lake! Fascinating to see all the craft that have evolved over the years….

And of course the crowd was unique as ever! Always good to see the usual suspects and we got to welcome a few new faces as well.

Have to mention the food was outstanding and I don’t think there was a dull story told at any table.

Eben Whitcomb gave a talk about our trip to Lake Baikal last spring which I’m sure has a few people thinking…. If anyone is interested in getting on board for that one this spring email me or Eben and we can tell you how to go about it- Easier and cheaper than you think!

Chad Atkins talked about the upcoming North American DN champs to be hosted in NE (If anyone wants to volunteer email me or Chad) and Bill Bucholz told us all what is happening on Planet Maine. And Rick Bishop has what promises to be a great tune-up clinic getting organized in early December at Steve Lamb’s shop. Stay tuned for details on that one.

Then it was on to the real highlight. Leo Healy was honored as a founding member of the club and all around legendary iceboater. He has sailed more regattas and more miles than most of us will ever dream of, including six Winnie The Hard Way trips and a trip to Russia to sail in the DN Worlds. This is back when going to Russia was not a simple matter. The story involves shipping a loaded Wagoneer to Finland, swapping boats, eating reindeer, and a mysterious local commenting on the MA license plates in perfect English in downtown St. Petersburg.

Greg Cornelius got up and gave us a fascinating overview of all of Leo’s accomplishments and achievements and had the whole room in stitches which proved that even Greg can tell a good story if he has good material to work with!

In honor of his achievements and service to the club Leo was then (with great fanfare as John Stanton tore up his check for annual dues) given free membership in perpetuity.

Leo then share a bit of wisdom with the group, almost reads as a poem:
“In heavy air, know your rules
In light air, know your boat
There is always thin ice somewhere
Never sail alone
Think ICE!”

And of course a few people stood up and told a few of their own stories about the man. Congrats Leo and can’t wait to see you on the ice in a month or two!

All in all a great time. Thanks to John Stanton, Henry Capotosto, Bob Haag and everyone else who put it all together. Much appreciated guys! And thanks to all who participated.

See y’all at the Tune-Up Clinic and on the ice! James “T” Thieler DN US 5224

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