Regatta Locations….

Now THIS is cool- It’s hard to know where regattas WILL be but now it’s easy to see where they were thanks to this nifty map of regatta sites and dates from the past.

Check it out, take a stroll down memory lane. And see if the DN NA’s were really held on Bantam Lake???

Click and enjoy….

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  1. Bill Converse

    We went to quite a few of these in the late 70’s and 80’s. One other memorable ones was the North Americans on Lake Canindaguia. That was the Blizzard of 78 year, and many of our sailors wound up stuck in the Sheraton Hotel in Framingham for several days when they closed the Mass Pike. That was the reagatta where the ice was barely 2″ thick. If two people stood close to each other the ice cracked. Larry Hardman had an ice pick and pushed it right through the ice with ease. A small plane flew over us and decided to land on the ice. As the plane landed it gradually sunk up to the wings. the pilot and passenger scrambled onto the wings. Jan Gugeon started the wearing bright clothes with a bright orange one piece suit. It became the rage after that. I started in 1973, and I recall them talking about Bantam Lake North Americans.Was all new to me back then. Mass. sailors didn’t venture away from home much in those days.
    Bill Converse

    10/08/2017 at 5:43 am