Looking Forward To The Coming Season


As I prepare for the upcoming season and words flowed onto the screen I knew that I had said it all before, so here it is, below. Some recycled content from a few years ago. We are in need of someone to help out with the Website as well collect and report ice conditions. The web is easy and requires no hardcore tech. I will guide.

A Look Forward

With shorter days and cooler nights, we are all thinking about ice boating and the miles of black ice we hope to find this winter. Just as there are a few months till we sail again, a number of things MUST happen and individual efforts MUST take place before groups of pilots can safely congregate and sail.

Most of you know what occurs prior to setting up your boat in the pits and pushing off toward a nice plate.

Someone watches as the lakeside trees shed their leaves.

All manner of boat building advice and help is freely given.

Boats and equipment are bought, sold, traded and loaned by fellow sailors prior to first ice.

Runners are sharpened individually and en mass by skilled sanding volunteers.

Someone watches as fog and mists wafted over the body of water in the early morning hours.

Eyes are on the lake while morning frosts creep toward the water from the shore.

People gaze upon the first mirror black ice to skim out from shore.

Occasionally taking the long way to work or home to check on ice conditions.

One or more people poke at the new ice with a stick even though they know it is not ready.

Swinging blunt instruments upon the ice, a wise man from Rockport swears by the blunt end of an axe, and drills test holes.

Talk to ice fisherman who are generally happy to break their solitude for a conversation about fish and ice.

Scout off shore with skates, or sailing carefully stopping periodically to check grade and thickness.

People report back whether, positive or negative results. Insufficient ice or unsafe conditions change. A body of water’s history plays an important role for future safe sailing.

Who where those someones? Who were those eyes? Who spent countless hours helping to others get ready to sail? Who communicated observations so that others would benefit?

The answer is simple. Heed the call. Members of the NEIYA. Please remember this when asked to contribute time, knowledge and skills toward club activities. Ice forms all by itself but it’s a team effort to bring a group of people the ice.

Ready to help out? We are in need of someone to manage the collection and distribution of ice conditions for both Rec and Racers. Also looking for someone to manage our website. Fear not, you do not have to be tech savy, only an interest in the Web and a desire to learn. Contact me or any of the other officers

As we come into season, let’s all sail fast, sail safe and think ice,

John Stanton

NEIYA, Vice Commodore

P.S. Our annual meeting, swap and lunch are ON for Saturday October 28th Westborough, MA Knights of Columbus Hall. More on that shortly.

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