Graduation Party – Long Island (Ice Boat) Style

A graduation celebration only an ice boating family and fellow iceboaters will understand. Congratulations to Hunter Rainis on his graduation.

Pictured are Hank Kasier and his nephew Hunter Rainis and his younger brother Henry. Recent graduate Hunter was super surprised and pumped when Hank presented him with the Iceboat.

Bowing to his mother’s wishes to be clean shaven, Hunter attempted to make things right with a touch up from his newly sharpened blades.

Hank’s family joined in the celebration and presentation of the DN! Sweat rewards for all his hard work. Also pictured are Hank parents, sisters, their husbands, nieces and nephews.

Hunter has sailed with Hank on the Ice at Mecox and Swann Lake and also sailed in school at Monmouth University. All are enjoying the beach for the moment and hoping for a cold winter with smooth ice to sail on.

We look forward to seeing Hank and everyone else on the ice in an optimistic four months.

From Long Island NY

Pete Ranis


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