America’s Cup- Tomorrow and in 1977

Just a reminder to watch the America’s Cup Finals tomorrow and Sunday at 1 PM on NBC- Should be a good match between Team New Zealand (which actually has a few Kiwis on board) and Oracle Team USA (which may have an American on the team somewhere?)

In any case the racing should be good. The forecast is for light-ish breeze for which the Kiwis seem to have a good set up based around a long, skinny, sexy set of light air foils with special sheep oil coating and polished with the feathers of the last Moa bird.

Oracle, on the other hand, has cool Red Bull helmets, a program that has been up and running for maybe two decades, probably limitless funding, and most importantly flotation foam inside the wing machined by NEIYA regatta chairman Oliver Moore.

This will be interesting….

Following that is a documentary on Ted Turner’s quest to defend the Cup. If you know anything about “The Mouth Of The South” you’ll get a kick out of this!

Happy Viewing and Think ICE!

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