The Moore Brothers Company Goes To The America’s Cup!

Hey Folks! The Americas Cup racing has been fast and furious, right up there with the hard-water sailing we all enjoy….

The NEIYA’s own Oliver Moore is involved- In addition to being a cat sailor and ranked DN campaigner he is also one of the founders and big cheese of The Moore Brothers Company, or “Moore-Bro-Co” for those of you who can’t resist a rhyme….

Whatever you want to call them they are in the composites field; they can make molds, tooling, and finished parts in carbon and other materials, some more exotic than others!

They have a presence at the America’s Cup in Bermuda, having built clewboards for all the jibs, machined “floating foam” for the top of the ORACLE wing (keeps the boat from turning turtle if they flip), and built shroud fairings for ORACLE and TEAM JAPAN. It should be noted that the fairings were so cool and worked so well they were ruled illegal. They must have been good!

Congrats to Oliver and the company for getting their foot in the door of that world-

For more info on what they are up to click the link below or Google “The Moore Brothers Company”

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