Spring 2017 CSI Gathering Recap

A good crowd gathered yesterday and to hear of recent, past and talk of adventures yet to occur.

Commodore James “T” Thieler and Eben Whitcomb entertained the crowd with tales from their recent trip to Baikal. Through words and pictures we felt like we were there with them. Thanks to both for taking the stage…

Leo Healy, life long ice boater and NEIYA founding member, shared stories from his own Baikal trip during the closing years of the Cold War in the late 80’s. From my account they were not that different, so must be true.

No trip to CSI would be complete without getting a peak at some of the Go-Faster innovations Jeff is working on. The latest items include █████, █████████ a new ███████████ and █████. Sorry for the redaction. You will just have to show up the next time.

Big thanks to Jeff Kent for once again inviting us all to  CSI (http://www.csi-composites.com/dn-iceboats/).

The NEIYA traveler’s award goes to island dwellers from Long Island, NY and Nantucket. Cheers to the eight guys that journeyed across water and land to participate. And special thanks to Paul from Albany show showed up on the CSI doorstep looking to upgrade his program for racing. Paul we hope to see you on the line next season.

It’s going to be a long hot summer but the ice will come in the third quarter.


P.S. We are putting together a group of boat to display at Mystics Wooden Boat Show 6/30 – 7/2 if your interested in participating please reach out to me. More details in the next few days.

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