Sherbrooke Lake Report, Sunday 19 March


Before talking about today I should review the weekend. We had about a dozen different DNs out, including some sailors not seen for a while. On Friday, three of us sailed in strong winds – MS1s were the sail of choice. Saturday we sailed in light air, and only managed one race, which was generally regarded as a bit fluky. Fluky or not, Terry sailed smart and went from fourth to a win on the last leg. Alex Watters also posted a helmet cam sequence of sailing Terry’s boat to Facebook, copied here:

Today we had nine boats out, and some of us raced for various lengths of time. We retired to Howard’s cottage for a lasagna lunch, courtesy of Terry. The keenest returned to the race course and sailed until the first snow flurries, just after 4 PM. It was a day of in between winds – most of us sailed with ABSSs, although the heavier guys used FO1s. Bob had an almost perfect record, but both Bob and I had to retire from races when we got too close and personal to the leeward mark! I was stupid fast downwind, but just plain stupid upwind. Bob was just fast all around. A couple of photos, with thanks, by Dave Collins.

All in all, I had three days of good sailing: sorry if you missed it!

If we get enough rain after this snowfall, and a few cold nights, we might just be doing this again next weekend. There is still lots of ice on Sherbrooke.

(I also note a Facebook post that the PEI guys sailed this weekend, absent Doug of course.)



<Sherbrooke Start (Medium).jpg>

<Windward Mark (Medium).jpg>

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