NEIYA goes to Russia

Hey Gang- Big day for NEIYA members Eben Whitcomb and T. Thieler as we head off to Siberia for the big regatta on Lake Baikal.

The boats were shipped from Oldenburg, Germany a few weeks ago following the European DN champs and are rolling across Siberia on a truck as I write- almost 40 boats in two containers on one big truck. Pretty impressive! Hope the drivers have plenty of coffee and Red Bull…. With a little luck they should get to the regatta site about when we do.

Will try to send updates etc when we can.

See the regatta website for updates and more info here:

For info about Lake Baikal click here:

Here’s a few pics of the trip so far- the shuttle to the airport, NYC skyline, wrapping the bags, and the departure board….

Meanwhile keep an eye on the CIBC site for all kinds of great reports and write-ups and sign on the to LRIBC reports for even more! Sounds like the season ain’t over yet!

Think ICE!!

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