Maritime Championships ON for Lake Mush-a-Mush, Nova Scotia, Sat/Sun Mar 4/5 2017

Maritime Championships ON for Lake Mush-a-Mush, Nova Scotia, Sat/Sun Mar 4/5 2017

The NIYC’s Maritime Championships will be sailed at Lake Mush-a-Mush this

PEI got snow last night so PEI’s Brackley Bay, which looked so promising
yesterday, isn’t sailable. Both Mush-a-Mush and Sherbrooke have been
checked and Mush-a-Mush has the better surface, albeit only 6.5 or 7/10.
Sherbrooke has some ‘launching ramps’. 😦 Drain holes that chased us off
Mush-a-Mush on Tuesday already have two inches of black ice on them and will
get thicker today and tonight, so the ice should be safe tomorrow. The
forecast is for brisk but sailable winds. Bring your speed sails and sharp

Primary launching site is at Howard Garland’s house, 320 Aulenbeck Point Rd,
Lunenburg County. As usual, directions from the Armdale Roundabout:,+Halifax,+NS/320+Aulenback

Please remember that we are launching from private property and accessing
the site via a private road, so be respectful.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow. First start is scheduled at 11AM. We
will have the skippers meeting at the starting line before the first race.

Thank you to Howard and Doug for ice checks this morning.

Warren Nethercote

President, Nova Ice yacht Club

Sailing Instructions for the Maritime Championships

1. All races will be governed by the Racing Rules of the National
Iceboat Authority (2015 edition); the Official Specifications of the DN Ice
Yacht; the Notice of Race, including any amendments to the Notice of Race,
(except as any of these are altered by the sailing instructions) and the
Sailing Instructions. The Sailing Instructions can be modified at the
Skippers Meeting.

The Race Course:
2. The Race Course will be three laps of the National Iceboat
Authority INLINE Course. With the agreement of competitors a race course
may be reduced to two laps.

3. Marks will typically be orange tetrahedrons; the Darling marks
will be smaller than the Windward and Leeward marks, but may be omitted for
small fleets at the Race Committee’s discretion.

4. After finishing, competitors are to return to the starting
area by sailing around the starboard end of the starting line, as
illustrated, to reduce the possibility of post-race collisions.

NIA_NIYC Inline.jpg

Daily Schedule:

5. The first race on any given day is scheduled to start at 1100.
Subsequent races each day will start as soon as possible after starting
positions are available, but a yacht shall not be required to start sooner
than 15 minutes after finishing.

The Start:

6. The starting signal shall be the rapid lowering of the
starter’s arms (or flag) after he/she raises his arms (or flag) to signify
the preparatory signal. If the start is to be delayed after the preparatory
signal, the starter will slowly lower his arms (or flag).

7. In absence of a starter, the participant in starting position
number one will announce the start, first by asking all competitors “Ready?”
and then, after acknowledgement, counting down slowly, “Three, Two, One,
Go!” Competitors shall not start before the “Go” command.

The Finish:

8. The finish of the first boat will be indicated by the display
of a flag at the leeward end of the finish line, near to starting positions
1 and 2. When a flag is so displayed the Bart rule is in effect. The flag
will be displayed until all yachts have finished.

9. In absence of a race committee the competitors may observe and
subsequently record their own finishes or the competitors may choose to
employ the Maine starting system, as follows

a) The competitor drawing start position 1 for the first race, or the
winner of the seeding race, shall be the starter and will also record
leeward mark roundings and finishes for the first race. Other competitors
will start in their initially assigned positions.

b) The winner of the subsequent race will be the next starter, and so
on, except that if the designated starter has already fulfilled the role
he/she shall be replaced by the next highest finisher who has not yet been
starter. The previous starter will start in the assigned position of the
current starter.

c) Competitors shall be awarded average points for races in which they
were starters.


10. For the Maritime and Nova Scotia Championships the IDNIYRA
scoring system applies with the following modifications:

a) Three races are required to constitute a series

b) There will be a maximum of 12 races in a series

c) If four to seven races are sailed there will be one discard; if
eight or more races are sailed there will be two discards.

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