Another In The Fleet!

I received an email awhile back from a guy in NH interested in getting involved in the ice game- I threw his name and email address to a few people and checked in with him a few weeks later to see if he’d had any luck- what follows is his reply. Well done gang! Classic story….

Good morning James,
Thanks for the email and for following up. In short, yes, several people from NEIYA contacted me almost immediately after you sent out your email asking for assistance. Walt Colontuono (Windham NH) offered up an intro sail in his Arrow, which went very well. After a few laps around the lake with me in training, he generously offered me use of his Arrow for much of the afternoon (which was a great experience). A couple of other sailors offered the use of their DNs, which I didn’t find nearly as comfortable or relaxing. Long story short, that evening I found an Arrow for sale on-line, rented a Hertz SUV the next day, drove to Gary Indiana, and returned the following day with a very well kept Arrow on the rooftop (see attached photo) and 1900 miles on the odometer (should have seen the Hertz guy’s face when I checked it back in). I only had a few minor items to fix up (frayed halyard needed replacing) and I’ve been out on the ice a couple of times already. Another reason to love winter in New England!
Thank you so much for putting me in contact with these folk–great group of folks.


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  1. Charles Silfvenius

    I recruited two in Wolfeboro one who bought my boat displayed at the NHBM. Two of us had a boat set up at the Remick Museum ice harvest festival in Tamworth on Feb. 4 Word is getting out…..just need ice.

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    02/17/2017 at 4:58 pm