DN Worlds, Day One

Hey Folks- after a search for big ice and good weather we’ve all landed in Madison, WI for the DN Gold Cup. This is it, the Big Show!

Light to medium breeze and sticky ice made racing a challenge but all three fleets completed several races yesterday-

At the pointy end of things Karol Jablonski is leading with Matt Struble nipping at his heels.

NE is represented well in all fleets- ten skippers I can think of off the top of my head plus a good Canadian turnout.

Good time being had by all!

Full results so far at http://na.idniyra.org/2017/01/23/dn-worlds-23-jan-1045-pm-results-day-1/

A few pics- first is my boat going out the living room window (yes, my neighbors think I’m wierd). Second is Madden and T driving while Oliver gets his beauty sleep, third is opening ceremony- Not the best picture but you get the idea-

Stay tuned! Hope nor’easter isn’t wreaking too much havoc out that way-

Think Ice! T

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