Sailing this weekend

There is sailing to be had in the Northeast. No need to drive to Wisconsin like some others in our club’s leadership might lead you to believe. Everything has wet out and refrozen nicely.

The Vacationlanders will be sailing Damariscotta tomorrow and through the weekend.

The north end of Winnipesaukee accessed from Leavitt park was kitewinged today out to Three Mile island. It was open water beyond the island, but should be sailable this weekend.

There are promising reports from Lake Sunapee and it sounds like there will be a contingent there tomorrow scouting and hopefully sailing.

Finally Lake Champlain south of the Lake Champlain bridge looks good after a preliminary scouting walk. They are planing on scouting and hopefully sailing there on Saturday.

The issue is the wind forecast. Saturday is looking bleak as a high pressure system moves through the area. But Sunday looks promising. So here is what we are going to do. We are going to scout and potentially scratch race on Saturday and then sail the Doc Fellows on Sunday. I will make a call on the Doc Fellows venue by 4pm on Saturday depending on who finds the best ice.

I will head to either Winnipesaukee or Sunapee on Saturday depending on what happens tomorrow. I will let people know tomorrow night where.

Where ever you sail this weekend be very careful, the ice has gone through a lot of weather the last month so there will be plenty of hazards. Scout carefully and please don’t sail alone.

Keep the reports coming.

Oliver Moore
US 5469
NEIYA Regatta Chairman

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