Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart

Global warming

Like Victor Hugo, we all have Winter in our heads and hearts for most of the year. Since today is the Winter Solstice, these sentiments are even stronger. Stronger as we eye our friends in Maine sail today, stronger as there is sailing in MA this past week and stronger as we make plans to to sail that fit into our work, family and holiday commitments. Will relatives and loved ones understand if I bail on festivities to sail? Only one way to find out but it would be prudent to bank for a later time.

Weather is coming so keep a keen eye here, with our friends in Maine at the CIBC and the NEIYA email ice reports. All NEIYA members and special guests should be receiving Ice Report emails at this point. If you have not, please email me directly. I know of one email deliverability issue that is being addressed.

A couple people have asked how the email forwarder works. Well not much instruction needed. Just hit the reply button in your mail to reply the full group. If you want to send a message to just the sender go to the bottom look for and click “To reply to the group mailing list, |Reply to only the sender”   or if more comfortable just look to see who was the actual sender of the email. Starting after Christmas Rick Bishop, myself, Oliver Moore and others, as the moments arise, will poll the group with an email. The rest is up to you. Reply with conditions, use to hook up with sailing partners or other relevant information. Please no cat or golfer pictures unless either of them are on the ice.

Think Ice,

John Stanton






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