Hello All- Joe Meade checks in from upstate NY….


A quick email – So much to catch up on.

The workshop / swap meet was a success – we had about 25 people and discussed alignment, sharpening, types of runners, and downwind sailing. I think everyone had a good time.

There has been iceboating in both the Midwest and Maine last weekend. I went out to the Great Western Challenge on business/pleasure trip but unfortunately the weather did not want to cooperate. We had a lake with beautiful ice but no wind on Saturday, and with a pending snowstorm coming, we threw in the towel on Saturday. We did sail for a while on Friday in smaller numbers and it was great to get back in the boat! The sailors from the east met on Plymouth Pond last Sunday in Maine to kick off the season as well.

Now, on to business – with the cold temps coming next week there is a slight possibility that we could have ice before Christmas. Sharpen your runners and keep your fingers crossed!!!

Let us know what you see out your window and reply to us all! Remember – scout with a friend. No Ice is safe.

Joe Meade

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