2016 All Tuned-up and Ready to Go


The Tune-Up Clinic was held this past Saturday at Steve Lamb’s shop in Canton, MA. Before I forget, Thanks Steve!

An elite group escaped Thanksgiving Weekend family obligations in order to attend and were rewarded with demos on how to straighten bent runners (by Bob Haag), how to stone runners to perfection (Eben Whitcomb with an assist by yours truly), how to drill holes in a plank (Featuring Steve Lamb and a portable drill press) and how to check runner alignment (as many opinions as there are iceboaters!).

Of course everyone had a ball sharing tips, advice, stories, BS, jokes, and all combinations thereof.  The event was supposed to be over at 3PM but the party went on well after that!

The festivities were fueled as usual by a great spread of food courtesy of Linda Lamb and her sister, not to mention everyone else who brought a dish or pot of something special.  The meatballs were my personal fave-

We will re-evaluate the dates for next year but in the meantime get your boats ready, get packing for the Western Challenge (Now December 9,10, 11) and THINK ICE!!


P.S. Seeing the hydraulic ram straighten out some runners I couldn’t help including the below video. While none of us are likely to ever incur loads like these, it’s still fun to watch.

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