2016 Lamb Tune-up Saturday November 26th

The 2016 Tune-up session is this weekend. Don’t miss out.

Date: Saturday November 26th
Time: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: Arthur C. Lamb Company Refreshments: Served continuously throughout the day

Planned sessions include.

  1. Runner Stoning aka after grind care – presented by Eben Whitcomb
  2. Why We Race and You Should Too – presneted by James “T” Thieler
  3. Runner Straightening Demo or What To Do After an Incident – presented by Bob Haag / Steve Lamb
  4. Boat Surveys – Have an old boat and want to get it on the ice this season? Give it a once over before sailing.  Have a barn boat? Experts will be standing by to help.

If you reserved Boride stones, they will be waiting for you. If not, there are a limited number of additional sets available.

Looking forward to getting together setting up a few boats and learning a thing or two.

Please note, in order to help focus on learning and knowledge transfer, there will again be no runner grinding this year. If you need help with sharpening ask about options turning the tune-up or reach out and we find a way to get it done before first ice.

Ready your gear the ice is near,

John Stanton
DN 5023



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