Hey Gang- Kate Morrone was able to make it to the Kewasa event last weekend- Sounds like it was pretty good! Here is her report:

I was visiting my parents this weekend in Geneva, NY and had the chance to attend the Kewasa area iceboaters event with my Dad, Howard Sabin (he was a member of the Irondequoit Bay Iceboat Club for many years, DN 3424). The venue was the Finger Lakes Boating museum in Hammondsport. After walking through the museum area where many beautifully restored local boats were displayed we went into the museum’s working shop.

Joe Mead DN 637 welcomed us. There were about 20 folks in attendance. Subjects covered by Joe were runner types and sharpening, alignment, and a nice presentation with video of tips on downwind sailing. The video included some nice footage of Joe from the 2015 Easterns at Lake Champlain. The next footage was of DN 5224 showing a start and a few laps. When someone asked about the camera angle Joe explained the sailor was using a narcissist stick to film it! [A nickname coined by Oliver Moore to describe a stern-mounted camera pole made in carbon fiber by -who else- Jeff Kent].

We enjoyed talking with Guy Lovejoy and Bob Crum from the Irondequoit Bay Iceboat club. There were also some folks there from the Sodus Bay iceboat club. It was a nice event and it’s always fun to spend a few hours talking iceboating, especially fun for me to be with my Dad. Attached are a few pics.

Think ICE! Kate

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