How many iceboaters does it take to make a runner body?


The answer, seven with 225 years of ice boat tiller time.

  • Greg Cornelius to watch from afar.
  • Jeff Kent to advise and mock from up close.
  • Steve Madden to actually cut material.
  • Big Mike to trim edges.
  • Jack Ericson to quietly, unobtrusively  observe.
  • Steve Duhamel to laugh at how inept the aforementioned group is.
  • T Thieler someone had to take the picture
  • Maine resident Dave Fortier to be a lightning rod for a torrent of abuse from the Massachusetts residents in the photo (which is everyone).

Good time had by all!

Please pay your dues and lunch online today. Don’t worry you do not have to have PayPal, any credit/debit card will do. Lunch is a club subsidized $10 this year. Yes, the same low price as last year! Our treasurer Bob Haag would appreciate online payment or at least let him know ( you’re coming for an accurate head count. There will be plenty of Swedish meatballs.

Description Price
2017 Membership $30
2017 Membership and Lunch $40
2017 Membership for one & Lunch x2 $50
Lunch Only $10

If you have any extra gear be sure to list it in the classified section and drag it to the swap meet. Your old gear will make someone very happy.

Stay tuned for more info- Looking forward to seeing everyone- Be there or be square!

Think Ice and see at the Meeting

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    It’s a good thing their only making 1 runner body.

    Scott US4925 Sent from my iPhone


    10/26/2016 at 10:45 am