From The Video Vault – 2003 DN Worlds & NAs

From deep down in the bowels of the video vault, what is believed to be the only full video coverage of the 2003 DN Gold Cub and North Americans has surfaced.

We have added a few notes to the video. Can you find yourself or fellow competitors out there on the ice? If so leave a comment about where on the video and we will add a note for all to see. Any commentary is welcome. Jot em down now as yoyu will forget later.



UPDATE: Click here to read to read Rosemary Hamill’s story about 2003 North American Championship, “A Champion’s Cheering Section – Our View from the Race Pits“.

Full Regatta results here



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One response

  1. David Fortier

    Harry’s video that Eric, Dave and others? operated
    2118 US4690 leeward rounding good speed
    3131 US4690 nice fast finish
    3150 US5193 finish
    3223 US4690 finish
    4128 US4690 leeward rounding
    4614 US4690 leeward rounding
    Cheers, Dave

    10/17/2016 at 10:26 am