Deja Vu Follow-Up

Hey Folks- You may have seen the photo I put up awhile ago of the guys hauling the sled with the square sail on it-

My father saw it and followed up with the email below- interesting stuff and a reminder to not get casual about cold-weather safety. Read on:

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See if anyone comes up with this.

I believe this may be the ill-fated Scott expedition setting out for the south pole. They all froze to death – the last of them not far from camp. c. 1910-1912-ish

The sleds are being man-hauled, typically British – they totally eschewed dogs as being beneath them – Amundson beat them to the pole with his dogs and skis by about a month – in fact for him the trip was a walk in the park and reported as quite uneventful. As planned, late in the trip, as he discarded useless stuff, he ate some of the dogs.

Scott did have dogs, ponys, and a kind of primitive snow-mobile, and they did have sails for when the wind was favorable.

The untested -except in England – snow-mobiles failed very rapidly in the frigid antarctic conditions – I think the oil solidified, all sorts of mechanical breakdowns, they fell into crevasses, etc.

They never practiced sledging with dogs, or skis – just loaded them on the boat figuring that educated English gentlemen could learn to do it in a few days after they got on the ice. They also found the unruly nature of the dogs to be tiresome.

The horses needed too much food – horsepower to pounds of hay ratio not good.

They did use all of these modalities to get started but they all turned back and the five doomed men started the trek south.

One of many fabulous stories of dramatically courageous, first rate, tragedies involving the adventure-hungry Brits.

Go wow your friends.

Ed Thieler

*As you may have gathered, my dad is wicked smahht!! Thanks Ed!

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