Eastern Rear Commodore Chad Atkins is on a mission to find homes for any under-used runners that may be lurking around NE and beyond…..

He writes:
I hope some of these cool mornings are starting to get people fired up for some good hardwater sailing this year and into their garages, basements and shops to start getting ready.

I’ve had a lot of interest in finding insert runners to help people get their programs moving forward for this season. If anyone out there has T’s, 1/4″ X 36″, 3/16″ X 36″ or 3/16″ X 30″ insert runners I am looking to get these into the right hands and get them on the ice if you’re not using them anymore.

Any other questions on getting into racing DN’s this year send me a note and we’ll get you set up and on the ice.

Best, Chad

Chad Atkins- Eastern Rear Commodore 

One response

  1. John Stanton

    T thanks for the general appeal to the masses for the masses. Your old stuff is someone elses new gear. This request is a little more self serving. My finely crafted and built by Doug Raymond inserts, by way of Don Coe, have served me well for years but are now at the end of their life cycle.

    I need a good set of inserts for the upcoming season. Give me a shout ot throw an ad up in the classified section.

    Think Ice,

    VC John
    DN 5023

    09/21/2016 at 1:29 pm