Anyone Want To Go To Siberia???

It may be more possible than you think! The Baikal Sailing Week is coming up fast and is surely one of the more unique DN regattas anywhere in the world. It will be held this spring following the European Champs.

I’ve heard amazing tales from this one, stories from both on the ice and off. The photos and videos look amazing. Lake Baikal is a fascinating body of water, even more so when you put a bunch of iceboats on it!

There has been a some interest from some New Englanders in going this year, and whether you are a seriously competitive sailor or not this event has a high adventure-factor!

Getting there is half the fun- We have to let the organizers know how many souls we may be bringing along so if you are interested give me a shout at or 401 258 6230 and I can give the organizers an idea. More information on this on the website:

We have been looking into shipping boats directly from the east coast but it looks like it may make the most sense to go with the European group. They have a routine established at this point. The shipping container leaves from Germany and gets packed up following the European Champs. My own plan is to fly over with all gear, do European Champs, ship it all to Baikal with the container, somehow get to the regatta (either stay over or fly home for awhile), do the regatta, and get my gear back over the summer. Maybe sort of complicated but hey, I’ve always wanted to see Siberia.

The guys that spearhead this thing every year want to see more Americans over there and extend a big invite- the more the merrier! So take a look at the website and let me know if you’re up for it- Clock is ticking so get after it!

Think Ice! T

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401 258 6230

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