Sunken Iceboats, Cont’d

Read this and give the guy a shout if you can offer him any clues!

Hello All-

I am a diver, sonar operator and history buff. While I dive all over Mass, NH and the CT River, I have for some time had a keen interest in Lake Winnipesaukee.

I have found about 70 wrecks there in the last 7 years or so and have found that when I post side scan sonar images, videos and commentary on that people respond well. Of course I don’t post to see how they respond but out of a common love of the water, history and the Big Lake.

People ask me a lot of questions too and one was, have I ever found an ice boat. While I am somewhat familiar with them, I had to say no. The inquirer posted a picture of a very old one he said his family owned. Airplane-prop-driven, heavy timber construction-what a beast but it must have been great fun to pilot it. Picture attached.

My questions:
– Do you know of any old ones that went down in Winnipesaukee;
– How can I learn more about the old ones, such as the one in the attached photo?

Any help appreciated.

Hans Hug
Sonar Search & Recovery
PO Box 580
Exeter NH 03833


Cell: 617-513-2778

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