Newport Boats

NEIYA photographer Bill Converse was in Newport a little while before the Bermuda Race and caught a few boats tuning up. Just a hint of the variety of craft that participated!

-The first boat is a Santa Cruz 70, a downwind flyer from a few years back. Very narrow beam compared to what in style these days.
-The second is a Maxi 72, so far only four in existence- all carbon, built to a box rule, very light weight, lots of righting moment, very fast, VERY expensive!
-The third is a Class 40, also a box rule boat, built for shorthanded or solo sailing. Bill believes she was built in Bristol RI called C&C Fiberglass. Speedy little thing… there are a bunch of these that compete in races up and down the east coast and back and forth to Europe.
-And finally we see the SALTY GOOSE, built by the legendary Bob Derecktor down at his yard in Mamaroneck, NY. One of a list of amazing boats he built, from cruisers to America’s Cup winning 12 Meters.

What does this have to do with iceboating? Not much, but couldn’t resist sharing the good photos.

Thanks Bill and keep them coming! Think ICE!!

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